What is a Terri Bow??? May 12 2021

Terri Marshall, Creator of the Terri Bow

It's the big question.  What in the world is a Terri Bow?

The year was 2015. See a problem and create a solution. What was my problem? I had way too many pieces of scrap ribbon. Ribbon that had already been paid for and thrown in a scrap plastic bin. Lots and lots of ribbon scraps.

Solution: I wanted to use scrap pieces of ribbon to create a bow. And that's when it happened. It's when all the angels in heaven began to sing. When all the pistons began to fire. My crazy little creative brain had figured out how to combine scraps, little pieces of ribbon to come together to make something wonderful.

What magic is this where you can use ribbon scraps? It was originally created on the bowmaker called ProBowtheHand (affiliate link to purchase).


I shared my new creation with Regina Sellers, creator of the ProBow. She was so excited about it she made her way to me to see for herself. And she's the one who named it The Terri Bow.

Google Terri Bow and see what happens! So many creatives have made thousands of variations and I love to see them all. Would you like to know how to do it?

Lots of instructional videos are available on YouTube including this one

The Terri Bow by its Creator Terri Lynn Marshall

Get those scraps ready. Pull out your ProBowtheHand and make some Terri Bows!

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