Something Has to Go! February 08 2017 3 Comments

Looking out of my kitchen window this morning while WASHING DISHES -- yes, I do that sometimes -- maybe even a couple of times a week. I'm busy, ok?? No judging. Back to looking out of my window, just peeking out from our flower bed was the prettiest little sunny face. Almost like it was trumpeting, Good Morning!!!

Here's what's cool. One of our FB followers made a comment about a photo of a wreath I put together yesterday. Here's the photo and what she said, "I appreciate that all is not a 'perfect' leaf. Life is not always perfect. Enjoy what nature provides." WOW!!!

Then I really had to stop and think about what was being spoken into my life today. No, I'm not perfect. Most of us aren't, but even in the decay and dying phases of my life, eventually life springs forth. The beauty of this leaf is it's REAL (well, disclaimer it's a silk fern leaf, but it seriously looks real).

When I've wanted to grow into something new, usually some "old" in me has to die. Old habits, toxic friendships, attitudes, or things I think I selfishly want or think I need.

For that little daffodil to say hello to me this morning, last year it had to die. It withered up into the ground and for almost a full year it wasn't seen. And just in the right time -- not MY TIME -- it reappeared!

Be encouraged today! Open your eyes to what needs to "die" in and around you to bring you to your full potential. And while the decay may not be as beautiful, what it will bring to you is fresh and new. Stop trying to be perfect. By God's standards, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Let some things die in you so you can be reborn. #benew #lifeisgood #notperfect

Much love, Terri