Thoughts on 30th! February 24 2017 1 Comment

It's finally happened. My baby son Colin is turning 30 tomorrow. That's when the clock has finally hit me slap dab in the face and I wonder when did I get so old?? It snuck up on me like a creepy snake and just for the record I HATE SNAKES!

I remember my 30th. Hubby rented a wheelchair as to say, yep you are OLD now! Are you kidding me? I'm in a wheelchair, braces on my teeth and YES I do believe I'm wearing a jumpsuit! No wonder I look so distressed! Braces, wheelchair and jumpsuit all in the same photo??? It's a wonder I didn't kill myself.

What I didn't know when this photo was taken is that two years later I would be having another baby.  Oops, what a nice surprise! So when I was 32, Baby Colin came to the Marshall clan. At least the braces had come off by then. Cause pregnant and braces? I can't think of anything worse.

So Happy Birthday to you Colin David Marshall. I so love the man you have become. The husband. Father. Great business mind and entrepreneur with such a creative touch. You've got the perfect mix of your parents no doubt!!


Enjoy this milestone. Some day you will turn around and you will be 62 like me. And since I most likely will NOT be around for that monumental day (that means I would be 92) just remember you will ALWAYS be my baby!! Always.

Love, Mom