Our Story

MilandDil Designs began in June 2011 with Terri Marshall (MIL mother-in-law) and one of her daughters-in-law (DIL) Olga Marshall. Their two different backgrounds allow them to blend their diverse talents and skills to create unique designs with exceptional materials and quality. Creating something exceptional for MilandDil's customers means it must meet their high standards for construction, as well as selecting beautiful elements to complete the final look. Whether it's a centerpiece, arrangement, wreath, or home decor accent, they must be able to say they would love to have it in their own home. That's the real test.

MilandDil is happy to share their love for their products with each one of you. Design is a way of life for these two, a way to stay connected, and a way to spread the beauty they see in the world. MilandDil has a blend of two different floral designers.  One designer (MIL) has no formal floral training which allows her to break the rules and simply follow her own instinctive design ideas. The other designer (DIL) knows the basic floral design techniques and yet MIL has influenced her to create her own designs even if they do break the rules. It is their hope you will see how the blending of two different design techniques has proven to be a successful recipe for their beautiful creations.