About Us

MilandDil Designs began in June 2011 with Terri Marshall (MIL mother-in-law) and one of her daughters-in-law (DIL) Olga Marshall.

The business was originally started to fund Olga's tuition to go to nursing school to become an R.N. Now she is a practicing R.N. and between her busy work schedule and raising children Olga has not been as active as in the past.

Terri continues to run the business with the help of her husband, David, and also her sister, Cindy Russell and her husband J.T. Russell. They lovingly refer to themselves as the "geriatric crew".

Creating exceptional products for customers is number one. That means it must meet their high standards for construction, as well as selecting beautiful elements to complete the final look. Whether it's a centerpiece, arrangement, wreath, or home decor accent, they must be able to say they would love to have it in their own home. That's the real test.


 David and Terri Marshall

Cindy and J.T. Russell