It's Fall and She Can Do it All! September 21 2017 7 Comments

Today I'm blogging and bragging. I'm talking about one of my sisters, Cindy Russell. So indulge me if you will.

This I've known for a long time. Cindy can do it all! She can cook (really good). Remodel a house, a kitchen, a bathroom?? No problem. She's worked as a hair stylist and owned her own business. Sew??? Wow, Cindy can sew. Created new amazing baby clothing and accessories. Oh, and upholster furniture. There's that, too! Pull an engine on a car? Yep, you guessed it.

Yesterday we had lunch with our parents and our aunt and I had to laugh at this conversation: Daddy: "Cindy, I need to cut a board." Cindy: "What are you trying to do?" He explains what he needs and the main problem is Cindy has his power tools. I just had to giggle because yes she can operate any kind of power tool. Me?? No, I feel accomplished using a drill or a glue gun.

After we finished with our lunch outing, I had a chance to check out Cindy's fall decor. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. She's an amazing decorator. And paint?? Yes, she can make chalk signs.

Because I am busy busy busy decorating for others this season, my fall decor will probably not get done. So with Cindy's permission, I am happy to share the beauty she has created in her home. Makes me want to curl up on her sofa with some pumpkin spice coffee and a good movie to just chill out.

Most everything in these photos she has hand crafted or repurposed by her own hands. Her staging skills are on point.

Seasonal pumpkins and gourds in a bowl or tray. Look at the amazing sign with her marriage date. Yes, there's that, too! She's been married to the same man since 1976!


Chalked signs add just the right accent to any decor especially during the fall season. You can add any message to fit your family and feelings of this time of the year. Add harvest accents and pumpkins everywhere. 


I love this vignette in Cindy's entry. A drop leaf table with french doors hanging on the wall on either side. And the Give Thanks wooden sign is amazing!
















An adorned fireplace mantel is sure to be a focal point of your decor. Cindy has used candlesticks, pumpkins, ceramic jars, books and florals. The perfect mix of decor and color. The chalk sign again can convey any seasonal message. Look at the vintage clock she's used hanging on the old window pane. It seems the clock was given to our Dad when he owned a TV repair shop and passed around until Cindy was able to repurpose it from its dismal home in the garage. Now it's a focal piece in her home. Wonder if there's a story behind B&B Jewelers on Greenwood Road.


That pumpkin sign --- oh my goodness! Don't you just love it??? Looking at it while you're gathered around the family table reminds you of what is important -- LOVE FAITH FAMILY! Don't be afraid to cover your mirrors with accents like Cindy has done here. Look how beautiful it turned out.


 Hand crafted pumpkins sitting on the fireplace brick. These are the perfect accent!

Thank you for sharing your home with us Cindy! I know you all will "Fall in Love" with her too. Take some time this weekend for the first day of fall to put out a few seasonal accents to bring in the season. 

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."

[Indian Summer]” 
― William Cullen Bryant