What is a Terri Bow??? May 12 2021

Terri Marshall, Creator of the Terri Bow

It's the big question.  What in the world is a Terri Bow?

The year was 2015. See a problem and create a solution. What was my problem? I had way too many pieces of scrap ribbon. Ribbon that had already been paid for and thrown in a scrap plastic bin. Lots and lots of ribbon scraps.

Solution: I wanted to use scrap pieces of ribbon to create a bow. And that's when it happened. It's when all the angels in heaven began to sing. When all the pistons began to fire. My crazy little creative brain had figured out how to combine scraps, little pieces of ribbon to come together to make something wonderful.

What magic is this where you can use ribbon scraps? It was originally created on the bowmaker called ProBowtheHand (affiliate link to purchase).


I shared my new creation with Regina Sellers, creator of the ProBow. She was so excited about it she made her way to me to see for herself. And she's the one who named it The Terri Bow.

Google Terri Bow and see what happens! So many creatives have made thousands of variations and I love to see them all. Would you like to know how to do it?

Lots of instructional videos are available on YouTube including this one

The Terri Bow by its Creator Terri Lynn Marshall

Get those scraps ready. Pull out your ProBowtheHand and make some Terri Bows!

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Text a picture of your Terri Bow to (318) 413-6272! I would love to see it!

Boo-tify Your Halloween Home Decor October 07 2017 1 Comment

October brings a month of cooler temperatures -- maybe if I say it out loud it will happen -- do you think??? At least here in Louisiana it's still pretty warm, but it doesn't mean we'll forget what fun lies ahead. Crisp apples, candy corn, goblins and cute costumes. And time to decorate for Halloween!!

One of the best parts of my job is I get to play with fabulous seasonal decor at client homes! So come along with me on a pictorial tour of one of the fabulous homes I get to play in -- and I mean play because it doesn't feel like work to me! Maybe you can pick up a few ideas to use on your own mantel or entry or even outside spaces. Believe me when I tell you this place is a showstopper! And the homeowner is one of my favorites to work with -- I mean play with -- you know what I mean!

Welcome your guests with lots of pumpkins, mums and gourds of all sizes. Look how just lining the brick steps with all this color says come on in and let's celebrate the season! These elements will continue on through your fall decor as well as Halloween. 

Let's talk about how boo-tiful this seating is with the porch swing and rocking chairs. Pour a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice and let's sit a spell, or maybe even CAST A SPELL??? Fill a candy tub with glittery picks and add a witch or two with matching boo pillows. I just love how this looks!

Add pillows and seasonal flowers, a fun witch in a tutu on the door, and other seasonal elements -- WOW, just look at those jack-o-lantern guys anchoring each side of the door! And yes those are tutus on the planters because everyone looks good in a tutu!

Moving to the inside of the home, the den mantle has lots of color with a Hocus Pocus Mantle Scarf. Going swanky with this rich glamorous fabric pennant gives Halloween decor a new elegance. Look for other places to place a Trick or Treat sign with a bowl of candy, smiling jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin people and candy corn cones. All the fun elements of the season.

I so wish you could see the detail on the Elvira and Dracula on the kitchen island. These two beauties anchor the large ceramic urn filled with seasonal fruits, artichokes and berries. Simply add a couple of witch legs, fall garland and glittery picks to transform it to Halloween. I used fishing line to raise Dracula's arms by tying it onto the light fixture. Easy!

Spider webs, boo pillows and glittery cats add just the right touch to the kitchen vent hood and island bar seating. Fill your kitchen counters with bright jack-o-lantern cups and accents.


I'm in love with these cute ghost boo pillows!!!


The kitchen dining table is ready with spidery place mats, a glittered spider accent table runner, pumpkin napkins and a ceramic trick or treat bowl. Glittered spooky hands with candles and some Halloween inspired ribbon finish the tablescape with mummy bowls. Large spider webs cover the light fixture hanging down toward the table. So all in all I would say this is a spider filled table!

And it can't be Halloween without CANDY CORN!!! These two candy corn inspired 7 ft. trees anchor the french doors leading from the kitchen into the outside dining. A side cabinet has more candy corn accents. Fill a glass jar with candy corn (Terri's Tip: make sure you use a glass vase in the center to take up space so you don't have to buy all the candy corn in the store).  You're welcome!


There are so many favorite places in this home, but the outside dining room has my heart--my soul--my love! First the table is beyond fabulous and can seat a host of guests. There's also an eating bar for additional seating. The place settings make me smile!  A cute tree with Old World Halloween Ornaments is center stage. Take your time. Take it all in and breathe in it's wonder!


The vent hood for the outside kitchen has an oversized grapevine wreath with a large bow. Draped with a feathery garland, pumpkins, a witchy hat print, witch boots and hat. Mix your decor elements for interest and don't be too worried about keeping a theme. Just use your imagination and see what happens!

One of my favorite accents for the outside dining is how we placed a skeleton on the light fixtures above the eating bar. Here is one up close! We used tinsel garland wrapped around and a white pumpkin. Just the right spooky touch!

A little tinseled witch hat on the back of the chairs? Yes, please!


A side buffet allowed us to showcase other seasonal accents. We created multi-leveled vignettes on either end and used a witch centerpiece in the middle. Think about using fabric or even table runners to hide boxes or books to elevate your decor. You can create more interest with layering and creating levels for the eye.

Look at this cute chair cover and yes you guessed it! Another tutu around the bottom of the chair. Measure the circumference of the chair you want to cover, multiply 2.5 times and that's how much yardage you need to cover it. Cut it to length. You can either baste stitch the tulle or stitch on velcro covered with cute ribbon. I just love how it turned out! (P.S. This was the homeowner's creation and not mine!! P.S.S. She's good!)

Moving to another outside seating area, there is more loveliness! Again, the homeowner did this part all by herself and look what a good job!

There was so much more decor that fills this wonderful home. The bookshelves are filled with accents, a side entrance buffet and a side entry door with more to admire. A big hug and thank you to the homeowner whom I adore for letting me share. I was just telling her today how special it is I get to come decorate for her and others. Especially since there is no time for me to do my own decor. I can simply enjoy and live vicariously through them!

My wish is this will inspire you for your own seasonal decorating. Take one, two or three ideas and turn it into something special for your own home. Can't wait to see what you do! Happy decorating and love, Terri

It's Fall and She Can Do it All! September 21 2017 7 Comments

Today I'm blogging and bragging. I'm talking about one of my sisters, Cindy Russell. So indulge me if you will.

This I've known for a long time. Cindy can do it all! She can cook (really good). Remodel a house, a kitchen, a bathroom?? No problem. She's worked as a hair stylist and owned her own business. Sew??? Wow, Cindy can sew. Created new amazing baby clothing and accessories. Oh, and upholster furniture. There's that, too! Pull an engine on a car? Yep, you guessed it.

Yesterday we had lunch with our parents and our aunt and I had to laugh at this conversation: Daddy: "Cindy, I need to cut a board." Cindy: "What are you trying to do?" He explains what he needs and the main problem is Cindy has his power tools. I just had to giggle because yes she can operate any kind of power tool. Me?? No, I feel accomplished using a drill or a glue gun.

After we finished with our lunch outing, I had a chance to check out Cindy's fall decor. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. She's an amazing decorator. And paint?? Yes, she can make chalk signs.

Because I am busy busy busy decorating for others this season, my fall decor will probably not get done. So with Cindy's permission, I am happy to share the beauty she has created in her home. Makes me want to curl up on her sofa with some pumpkin spice coffee and a good movie to just chill out.

Most everything in these photos she has hand crafted or repurposed by her own hands. Her staging skills are on point.

Seasonal pumpkins and gourds in a bowl or tray. Look at the amazing sign with her marriage date. Yes, there's that, too! She's been married to the same man since 1976!


Chalked signs add just the right accent to any decor especially during the fall season. You can add any message to fit your family and feelings of this time of the year. Add harvest accents and pumpkins everywhere. 


I love this vignette in Cindy's entry. A drop leaf table with french doors hanging on the wall on either side. And the Give Thanks wooden sign is amazing!
















An adorned fireplace mantel is sure to be a focal point of your decor. Cindy has used candlesticks, pumpkins, ceramic jars, books and florals. The perfect mix of decor and color. The chalk sign again can convey any seasonal message. Look at the vintage clock she's used hanging on the old window pane. It seems the clock was given to our Dad when he owned a TV repair shop and passed around until Cindy was able to repurpose it from its dismal home in the garage. Now it's a focal piece in her home. Wonder if there's a story behind B&B Jewelers on Greenwood Road.


That pumpkin sign --- oh my goodness! Don't you just love it??? Looking at it while you're gathered around the family table reminds you of what is important -- LOVE FAITH FAMILY! Don't be afraid to cover your mirrors with accents like Cindy has done here. Look how beautiful it turned out.


 Hand crafted pumpkins sitting on the fireplace brick. These are the perfect accent!

Thank you for sharing your home with us Cindy! I know you all will "Fall in Love" with her too. Take some time this weekend for the first day of fall to put out a few seasonal accents to bring in the season. 

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."

[Indian Summer]” 
― William Cullen Bryant

Thoughts on 30th! February 24 2017 1 Comment

It's finally happened. My baby son Colin is turning 30 tomorrow. That's when the clock has finally hit me slap dab in the face and I wonder when did I get so old?? It snuck up on me like a creepy snake and just for the record I HATE SNAKES!

I remember my 30th. Hubby rented a wheelchair as to say, yep you are OLD now! Are you kidding me? I'm in a wheelchair, braces on my teeth and YES I do believe I'm wearing a jumpsuit! No wonder I look so distressed! Braces, wheelchair and jumpsuit all in the same photo??? It's a wonder I didn't kill myself.

What I didn't know when this photo was taken is that two years later I would be having another baby.  Oops, what a nice surprise! So when I was 32, Baby Colin came to the Marshall clan. At least the braces had come off by then. Cause pregnant and braces? I can't think of anything worse.

So Happy Birthday to you Colin David Marshall. I so love the man you have become. The husband. Father. Great business mind and entrepreneur with such a creative touch. You've got the perfect mix of your parents no doubt!!


Enjoy this milestone. Some day you will turn around and you will be 62 like me. And since I most likely will NOT be around for that monumental day (that means I would be 92) just remember you will ALWAYS be my baby!! Always.

Love, Mom


For the Love of Spring, You have to See This! February 16 2017

We did it. We made it. We posted it. And yes, finally the DIL and I have launched our first instructional video and it's F-R-E-E. A simple, easy to complete spring floral wreath you can do in less than 15 minutes. And NO GLUE!

What no glue??? We didn't use glue in this one and you certainly can use glue. But we did it so you can use your grapevine base over and over for other projects.

Interested???? Want to see for yourself how easy it is??? Just click on this link to register your email and in a few minutes you will be on your way to a pretty Spring door.

Click here to register for access to this FREE video now! Limited time offer so don't delay. Here's your link:

For the Love of Spring, You have to See This! February 16 2017

We did it. We made it. We posted it. And yes, finally the DIL and I have launched our first instructional video and it's F-R-E-E. A simple, easy to complete spring floral wreath you can do in less than 15 minutes. And NO GLUE!

What no glue??? We didn't use glue in this one and you certainly can use glue. But we did it so you can use your grapevine base over and over for other projects.

Interested???? Want to see for yourself how easy it is??? Just click on this link to register your email and in a few minutes you will be on your way to a pretty Spring door.

Click her to register for access to this FREE video now! Limited time offer so don't delay. Here's your link:

Every Day is Valentine's Day for Me February 14 2017

It's Valentine's Day! Not a day that is any different for old married folks like me and my honey.

We married young. Me barely 19 and he was all grown up at 21. Not sure either of us knew what we were about to get into. But you learn. You adjust. You work on it. As in every single day. And it's fair to say he's had to adjust more than me. Yep, I'm high maintenance.

I was NOT impressed when I first met my future husband. He was obnoxious. Flirty and did I mention he had been drinking?? Our love story and how it developed is hilarious, but that's another blog post. This photo is him dreaming of me when he was at Texas A&M in his dorm room instead of studying. Or maybe he was thinking, what in the world am I going to do about this girl? Too late now... you've got me!

It will be 45 years in December. That's a lifetime I know but I can't imagine life without him. He kept me when it was not easy. He loved me UNCONDITIONALLY when it was hard. He fought for me when it seemed impossible. He takes care of me and spoils me every single day. Still.

So I don't need chocolates or flowers. I just need him to continue to do what he does best and that's LOVE me!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I wish you much love. Terri

Something Has to Go! February 08 2017 3 Comments

Looking out of my kitchen window this morning while WASHING DISHES -- yes, I do that sometimes -- maybe even a couple of times a week. I'm busy, ok?? No judging. Back to looking out of my window, just peeking out from our flower bed was the prettiest little sunny face. Almost like it was trumpeting, Good Morning!!!

Here's what's cool. One of our FB followers made a comment about a photo of a wreath I put together yesterday. Here's the photo and what she said, "I appreciate that all is not a 'perfect' leaf. Life is not always perfect. Enjoy what nature provides." WOW!!!

Then I really had to stop and think about what was being spoken into my life today. No, I'm not perfect. Most of us aren't, but even in the decay and dying phases of my life, eventually life springs forth. The beauty of this leaf is it's REAL (well, disclaimer it's a silk fern leaf, but it seriously looks real).

When I've wanted to grow into something new, usually some "old" in me has to die. Old habits, toxic friendships, attitudes, or things I think I selfishly want or think I need.

For that little daffodil to say hello to me this morning, last year it had to die. It withered up into the ground and for almost a full year it wasn't seen. And just in the right time -- not MY TIME -- it reappeared!

Be encouraged today! Open your eyes to what needs to "die" in and around you to bring you to your full potential. And while the decay may not be as beautiful, what it will bring to you is fresh and new. Stop trying to be perfect. By God's standards, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Let some things die in you so you can be reborn. #benew #lifeisgood #notperfect

Much love, Terri

Ready, Set and Learn! January 31 2017 6 Comments

We're excited here at MilandDil to soon be offering training on some of our techniques via either Facebook Live or recorded videos. Lots of new information ready for those of you who are in the business of making wreaths or florals you can IMMEDIATELY utilize to design beautiful creations. Even if you're a crafty person and want to get a few professional tips....this is for you!

It's simple to register your email with us to receive notification emails when we're scheduling these important events. Just a way for us to stay in touch with you! Here's the link to register:


Spring is Hiding! Where are you??? January 29 2017 1 Comment

Waiting and watching for Spring! When will we see the first happy daffodil push through the dirt? Looking from my kitchen window, I'm steady wanting to see that first pop of yellow! I know it's there somewhere.

How do you prepare for the season ahead? Man, it's still cold here in Louisiana and I know some of you are still getting snow! Not here so much in the south. You know we can't handle the snow....not even a flake and we panic! Go get the bread, milk, water and meat from the grocery store, I saw a snowflake!!!

Look for some great blog posts and offers soon from us on prepping your home decor for seasonal events. Like Easter egg hunts, dinners and parties. We have lots of fun here especially with the seasonal colors we so love to work with.

And bunnies??? We have bunnies everywhere like this one for a door....

 or this one for a basket... or this one for anywhere you want supercuteness.

Don't forget Mother's Day is May 14th! We have some great items for those special ladies in your life and will be sharing more of those later.

Now off to see if ANY hope of that yellow daffodil is breaking through the ground!!!

Love to all,



Take a Deep Breath March 19 2015

Aw, finally, tomorrow is the first official day of Spring! And I love everything this season brings. New life, new flowers and buds on the trees. Color, oh, such marvelous color. Everywhere I look I can see it. Daffodils sprouting out of the oh so wet ground in my back yard. The blooms on the natural dogwoods are ready to burst. And while I see color ALL THE TIME in the shop, it is inspiring to finally see it in real life.

Right now I'm doing some spring cleaning. You know that time of the year where you look at your surroundings and all the STUFF!!! And let me tell you, I have got the STUFF! Now I have two houses to declutter. My shop and my house. A total of 3,600 sq. ft. to work through. The house will have to wait. I can't work if the shop is all cluttered. (That's my excuse about getting to the house.) The garage needs to be organized. And how I love to organize my garage -- SAID NO ONE EVER!!

And to get to a place where I can freely work and play in my shop -- yes, I have the BEST JOB EVER where I can play disguised as work -- I must clear out, clean out, discard, let things go.

What's the hardest thing for you to throw away? I keep the weirdest things like sticks. You know the stems from flowers after I cut them off. May seem like trash to you, but in my business a bendable stick is a treasure. So I have all sizes, colors, shapes, you name it of bendable sticks. They do come in handy to glue things to wreaths or in arrangements. And note to file, you cannot buy a decent stick to use for that purpose.

Cleaning out is good. It refreshes the soul and gives us a chance to breathe in really deep. You know that kind of deep breath of accomplishment. So whether you're cleaning out a physical room, house, drawer, garage, or cleaning and decluttering other areas of your life -- toxic relationships, difficult people, or complicated situations -- just remember, soon you can take that deep breath of fresh spring air!


Firsts are Always Scary February 04 2015

It's true, isn't it? Firsts are a little bit scary. A little bit of intimidation and fear. What about the first day of school, or college, or starting a new job or business? Wow, we've all been there, haven't we? 

This is our first official blog for our new website. We have had so many firsts in our business. The first time I had our business cards printed. That was scary. I thought about what if no one liked our designs and we're stuck with all of these cute business cards -- 500 of these cute business cards. And then there was the first time I made a sale. The first time I saw the delight in a customer's eyes when we made them happy. The first time I walked into a customer's home to design something special for them. Our first trade show, our first market, and many, many more firsts we've had and I'm sure will experience in the future.

While this is not our FIRST website, it is the FIRST time I have taken the full responsibility for building it and maintaining it for the business. So I know there will be a bit of a learning curve. Bear with me as I try to figure out some of the logistics of web design and being a webmaster. And the saying there's a first time for everything is so true.

So what would rank as your favorite first? First kiss? First date? First child or grandchild? First time to skydive (not me, no not ever)? I would really love for our blog to be informative, interactive and fun. A place where we can all learn a few things together, discover new design ideas and trends, and share our thoughts with one another.

Thanks so much for reading our FIRST blog and let me know what topics might interest you. I want this blogging journey to be fun for all who join in with me.