Witch in Tutu Video Tutorial

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What is that flying through the air???

I do believe it’s a Witch in a Tutu!!!

The MilandDil team is back again with another easy to follow detailed video tutorial! A perfect way to making your Halloween celebration fun and playful instead of scary and dreadful, right???

Do you think you can do it?? Do you need to know how to do it? That is… make a witch with a tutu in a few easy steps?

These are always big sellers every Halloween for MilandDil. Now you can jump on the Tutu Train with us for your own door or to sell to your customers.

After you learn the basics, you’ll be on your way to putting your own spin to this cute design. Make it with your personality and color combos. Lots of possibilities.


So glad you asked.

  • Prepping the broom with hanger and how to securely attach the other elements.
  • How to make the tutu from scratch in easy steps you can follow. Then attaching it to the broom.
  • The hat placement and the how to in getting it to stay on the broom.
  • Terri Bow placement and attachment.
  • Securing the picks and the legs to the broom.


And then this cutie is ready to hang, or sell, or give away! If you can ‘cause they are tempting to keep.

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a complete kit ready to purchase from our friends at General Wholesale for $42, plus shipping. Everything you need to make this design is included:

  • Purple/black polka dot witch’s hat
  • Glittered ball picks
  • Two rolls of ribbon for Terri Bow
  • Cosmic twist for the tutu (you will have extra to make another design if you want)
  • A pair of cute witchy legs
  • Grapevine witches broom

These materials are all from Craig Bachman Imports except the grapevine broom – we had the brooms custom made so each one has its own unique look. Giving each one that’s made your own signature.

Purchase kit here:  https://generalwholesalevivian.com/products/9-pc-witch-broom-kit-from-mil-and-dil-designs

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Valid through September 30, 2018

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