Windmill Wreath Tutorial

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Deco mesh has been poofed, ruffled, spiraled, and so much more! But now MilandDil has put a different twist on a fresh new design called the Windmill Wreath!

We know you will enjoy learning this new deco mesh technique that translates to any season or holiday. It’s all done with basic materials you most likely already have in your stash. Simply add your own embellishments and your customers will love it no matter what time of the year they see it. Easy to learn, easy to create and easy to sell!

Whether you're a weekend crafter or a professional, Floral Designers Terri Marshall and Olga Marshall break down all the steps for you to create this MilandDil Windmill Wreath. Each part of the process is clearly shown in detail for you with tips on making it from start to finish with up close and personal camera shots for you to see exactly what we are doing.

Your one hour video class is ready for your immediate viewing or download. How easy is that? View it streaming or save it to your computer or Dropbox for viewing later.


  • How to cut, prepare and place the deco mesh to the frame to achieve the windmill base.
  • How to secure the deco mesh and construct the design for the best result to get the windmill flow and look.
  • Important tips on shaping the deco mesh.
  • Easy placement and how to put Terri Bow on your design.
  • How to attach embellishments and ideas on what elements to use for different occasions.
  • You will receive a downloadable PDF list of supplies and tools suggested to complete this fun project as well as detailed download instructions.


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