Tropical Parrot Jungle Wreath Sign

$ 12.00

Introduce a slice of paradise to your home decor with our tropical-themed 6 x12 inch sublimated metal sign, designed with summer wreath enthusiasts in mind! 🌴 Bask in the beauty of our vibrantly watercolored parrots that look like they’ve just flown in from the nearest island getaway. This sign isn’t just a piece of decor; it's a one-way ticket to the tropics, minus the airfare.

Adorned with a palm tree leaf border that screams 'I live where you vacation,' this sign is the perfect touch to make your summer wreath the talk of the neighborhood. Imagine, your front door serving major vacation vibes, and you didn’t even need to plant a palm tree or adopt parrots. It’s like giving your entrance a mini holiday, and who wouldn’t want that?

Whether you're a wreath-making wizard, a home decor aficionado, or just someone who smiles at the thought of endless summer, this is the sign for you. It's durable, it's pretty, and it sure as sunshine will make your space feel like the summer breeze is whispering, "Welcome to paradise." Grab one, stick it in your wreath, and watch your door become the coolest hotspot this side of the equator. 🦜✨

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