Teacher Wreath Sign with Personalization Banner

$ 12.00

Imagine strolling down the hallway and boom – there it is. Your classroom door, but it’s got that extra sprinkle of fun with a personalized wreath sign. Picture this: a bunch of zany, colorful pencils, all set against a backdrop that screams, "I’ve got polka dots and I’m not afraid to use ‘em!" This bad boy is a game-changer for making any teacher’s corner, wall, or door come alive with personality.

Why You’re Gonna Love It:

  • Banner Bonanza: It comes with a customizable banner. Yep, slap any name you want on it with some snazzy vinyl letters, and voila! It’s got your name or your fav teacher’s name written all over it.
  • Color Pop Power: Thanks to some wizardry called sublimation printing, this sign’s colors are like BAM – super vibrant and stick around longer than your morning coffee buzz.
  • Size Matters: At a cool 6 by 12 inches, it’s the Goldilocks of signs – not too big, not too small. It’s just right.
  • Gift Goals: Be it Teacher Appreciation Week, day one of the school year, or just a regular Tuesday, this wreath sign is the high-five every teacher deserves.

Kick your classroom vibe up a notch or spread some love to the heroes shaping minds. Add this spunky piece to your arsenal of teacher swag or wrap it up for an educator who rocks your socks off!

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