Teacher Life Wreath Sign

$ 12.00

Spruce up your classroom door with a splash of whimsical charm! Our 6" x 12" Teacher Life sign is the classroom cheerleader you never knew you needed. Nestled amidst a quirky blend of scissors, rulers, paintbrushes, and books, our larger-than-life red apple practically pulsates with educator pride. It’s a guaranteed day-brightener for every teacher with a heart for hashtags and a love for latte-powered lesson plans.

Toting an "A+" that might as well stand for 'Absolutely Adorable,' this sign is rimmed with red and white stripes and spunky polka dots that scream school spirit. Whether you're guiding little minds or prepping college-bound whiz kids, this sign is your new classroom BFF.

Hang it up, prop it on a shelf, or gift it to the teacher buddy who’s had your back through every parent-teacher conference and syllabus shuffle. It’s more than just decor; it’s a high-five hanging on your wall. #TeacherLife #ClassroomChic #EducatorEnvy

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