Graveside Memorial Signs with Bow

$ 24.50

Honor the memory of your loved ones with our Gravesite Memorial Sign, a token of enduring love and remembrance. This beautifully crafted 10" circle sign is not only an emblem of tribute but a beacon of comforting sentiments for those who are grieving. An attached double bow matching the sign is included.

Our sign is specifically designed to weather the harsh elements of sun and rain, ensuring that the memory of your dearly departed remains preserved at their final resting place. Its ease of use is unmatched – it can effortlessly be placed in a vase or gently pushed into the ground near the gravesite. This feature makes it perfect for memorial service planners, bereaved family members, or florists incorporating a heartfelt touch into funeral arrangements.

The visual beauty of our Sympathy Sign transcends the typical presentation, offering an emotional resonance that artificial flowers alone cannot express. When used in conjunction with floral tributes or on its own, it stands as a testament to a life well-lived and dearly missed.

What truly sets our Memorial Sign apart are the artfully printed words that provide solace during times of sorrow. The durable construction ensures these words will remain as a lasting comfort amidst changing seasons and passing time.

Ideal for those seeking a means to articulate their sympathy, this sign brings solace in its permanence and serene beauty. Cherish and celebrate the lives of those who meant the most with a sign that bears witness to undying love and never-fading memories.

NOTE: Ribbons/bows will vary for each design. Foam and container NOT included. Sign has metal stakes for insertion into ground or vase filler foam.

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