Bow Backer Collection

Welcome to the Exclusive Bow Backer Product Gallery and Showcase

Step into the world of innovative home decor where functionality meets style! We're excited to feature our game-changing product, the Bow Backer, an exquisite blend of traditional charm and modern versatility for wreath designers or home decor/gift enthusiasts.

Unique Selling Points

  • Versatility: Seamlessly integrate the Bow Backer with wreaths, garlands, trees, mantels, and doors.
  • Design: A marriage between wooden signs and elegant bows, creating a stunning visual attachment.
  • Customization: Embellish your Bow Backer with greenery, picks, lights, or vinyl and more for a personalized touch.
  • Innovation: Designed by the creative Terri Marshall, exclusively for your decorating needs.
  • Convenience: Bow Backers take the guesswork out of bow placement and provides unwavering support for your bow and other elements.
  • Diversity: Catering to all seasons and events with a wide array of designs to choose from.

Red White & Mew

The patriotic white kitten-themed Bow Backer features the saying "Red White & Mew," adding a touch of feline flair to your crafting projects.

Baby Spring Cow

Our "Baby Cow" Bow Backer is all about that springtime sweetness. Deck out your digs and dive into spring with this adorable Spring Bow Backer. It's perfect for farm fans and anyone who’s all about those spring vibes. Grab one and bring some farm-fresh fun to your place!

No Rain No Flowers Bow Backer

Jump into the joy of springtime with our Pink Polka Dot Rain Boots Bow Backer, where cheerful blooms meet playful rainwear.

Featured Product: The Bow Backer

Price: Only $14.50!

Transform your decor with the Bow Backer – a perfect addition for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Ideal for instructional classes or craft shows, it's a fun 'make and take' project that's simple to assemble and effortless to sell.

Each Bow Backer comes ready to impress, designed for durability and ease of use, ensuring your ribbon stays front and center, never llost amidst your beautiful designs..

Designs Available

  • Seasonal Specials: Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Summer, Patriotic.
  • Special Occasions: New Baby Celebrations, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Birthdays.
  • Year-Round Themes: Spring Vivacity, Sports Fanfare, Farmhouse Elegance, Easter Delights, Teachers' Tributes.

Crafted for every mood and moment, the Bow Backers bring a refreshing twist to the crafting world.

The Perfect Match: Deco Exchange & MilandDil Designs Do Their Magic

Picture this: Deco Exchange, the crafters’ corner full of all things nifty and neat, teams up with the dazzling Terri Marshall from MilandDil Designs – boom, the Bow Backer is born! Our lcrafting community is a zesty bunch, and we live for the thrill of creating something new and awesome. With this cool collab, Terri's inventive spark adds a hefty dose of fun to her Bow Backers. After Terri designs each Bow Backer, they are lovingly printed and cut with precision from Deco Exchange, then shipped off to your doorstep. Get ready to jazz up your crafting game with a Bow Backer that’s not just unique or high-quality (though it's definitely those things, too!) – it’s a high-five to crafters and decorators everywhere who love to sprinkle a little extra joy into their creations.

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