Mossy Oak Ornament

$ 4.99

We all know that person who is just a little bit nuts about hunting. Their tree is adorned with camo everything and they can recite deer mating calls in their sleep. They live, breathe, and eat hunting. So what do you get the person who is completely obsessed with hunting? A Mossy Oak Ornament, of course!

This beautiful wooden disc comes with assorted decal Christmas hunting messages, including Jingle Bells, shotgun shells, Merry Redneck Christmas, and I'm Dreaming of a Great Hunting Season. It's the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care about their passion. And at 6" H x 6" W, it's the perfect size for any tree. So go ahead and make their holiday season a little brighter with a Mossy Oak Ornament.

6" H x 6" W. 9 3/4" tall.

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