Pickup Full of Hearts Door Hanger

$ 29.00 $ 58.00

What better way to show off your love than with the Pickup Full of Hearts Door Hanger? This unique door hanger is overflowing with charm and warmth - perfect for any doorway. On this darling door hanger, you'll find a bright pickup truck filled to the brim with teal-colored hearts! Created from fabric and perfectly detailed, each heart looks almost like a real one, ready to glimmer your doorway full of love. The fun doesn't stop there - this charming door hanger comes complete with a white furry trim and stylish coordinating bow, making it the inviting addition to your home.

What's even better is that the Pickup Full of Hearts Door Hanger is designed to fit perfectly between any screen door, measuring in at less than two inches thick. So whether you want to spruce up a storm door or just provide a little love throughout your home, you can customize your decor however you'd like with this whimsical Pickup Full of Hearts Door Hanger!

Measures 28"H X 22"W X2"D.

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